Dance in Heart / ”Introduction to Whirling Rituals”

Trainer: Alper Akçay
Start date:
Requirements: No age limit.

Pre-workshop interviews are required for those who have serious health problems and for children.
Participants: Minimum 6 persons
Auditing: No auditing is allowed.
Dressing / equipments: leisurewear, thick towel socks.
Studio-surface: smooth surface, with no columns or enough big.
Workshop Fee:
3-4 hours (X sets):

Having transmitted itself from generation to generation, human to human, this archaic knowledge is remembered through and with friends, having the awareness of breathing at that particular moment. Then it opens itself up to us like the petals of a lotus flower. With the ones who shall make up our circle, and through sema, semah, shamanistic whirling rituals and the nature’s whispers at the very moment.

Different music from Mevlevi to Bektaşi as well as sometimes the music that we are creating with drums,our voices etc. accompany our workshop. Timbres of baglama(string enstrument) connects the houses of our hearts to their absolute owner, while the rhythm opens ourselves up to the intuitive knowledge perpetually existing through the earth, nature, human and the universe.

Remembering and experiencing sema, remembered through the spiritual unification of Rumi and Shams, its later ceremonial form, circles, the guiding path opening up through music –hymns and Alevi/Bektashi nefes’, and the elementary sacred movements that come along with all these.
The main aim of our workshop is to recall seeing, hearing and feeling through our hearts, to be remembered about our essential values by the togetherness of the participants, and to express this unification through and within whirling rituals

A Brief Note:

According to Sufis, heart (kalb) is the place of exploration, discovery, and inspiration as well as of a mean of knowing. It is the place where metamorphosis is possible. For this, jan, the soul, by orienting towards Al-Rahman (the Merciful) and Al-Rahim (the Compassionate) attributes of Allah, learns to acknowledge things as they are through endless acknowledgment and forgiveness from and towards within. Surrender leads her or him to perceive life clearly, while activating this center. Kalb, also known as gonul is the place of reflection, reflecting and being reflected. It is the place to where the meanings of the invisible universe (gayb or meaning) reflect. It is where the process of reading the moment and full comprehension of human evolving towards perfection begins.

Shamanism is the most widespread and oldest body and mind healing system in the whole human history. Shamanic conjectures and methods operate in similar ways at many different parts of the world. Whirling rituals and the trance-state coming along with these rituals, on the other hand, play a crucial role among the healing rituals that are to reach the healing state by activating a different state of consciousness. While whirling, the energy that moves our bodies reminds itself to us, and teaches its path. It can take a journey through a soul, in a body lying down in deep connection as if it is death as much as through a soul intending to fly with the permission it takes from the earth. It guides us throughout the journey into the animal and vegetable worlds.

“Read”, as the first command of the Creator in Islam, and “Listen” as the first word of Rumi’s Masnawi work intrinsically through and within each other. Bridges connect mind to heart, heart to mind, and heart to heart. When jan learns how to listen, she also learns how to read her own book of body, mind and soul. At these extraordinary states of consciousness, individual, through surrender and imagination and by using his or her vision with strong acuity, influences the collective consciousness. She or he becomes one with aql-i kulli (universal intellect) and involved in the creation process.

You are all invited to this workshop with full of healing energy, in which we will discover the meaning of this endless movement that works spirally from within, namely our essence. Let’s rediscover dance and sacred movement as a prayer.