Body Mapping-Creative Movement

Our meeting is based on discovering the creativity within our bodies.It is not only for people who love to move…Come and join this group work.

The human body, as a living entity, is constantly pulsating, every part of our organism has a characteristic way of doing it.Everybody has his/her own way of movement.

Creative Movement develops the ability of listening, differentiating, clarifying an understanding.It reawakens in us a multiplicity of new sensory experiences, imagination, and thought. That is starting from the first spontaneous creative impulse to conclusion of end of one cycle.

We are inviting you to a playful three hours workshop with Alper Akcay from İstanbul. He opens up the knowledge from meditative and creative movement, intuitive massage and type of dance which helps way of expressing emotions freely. To using of all this field, participants may discover and experience the healing aspect of the work.We could remember that we can use our body as a playground.

One of the aim with this work is to build a bridge between sensation of the body, movement, image, emotion and metaporical meanings.In this way of playing together; harmony, emphaty or syncronicity will experienced on simultaniously interacted body-mind layers in between the participants.

Get ready to have fun and discover!

you need comfortable clothes for moving and dance.
One small towel.

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In this way we could prepare for you some basic materials we use in