Please, be content with the Beloved
One moment.
Give honor to the sky,
O One whose face
Is more beautiful than the moon!

His name, when mentioned between words,
Gives the drunkenness of aged wine.
Teach the translator how to please the Heart
For even one short moment.

The sea is a touch of humidity in Your palm.
Even with all Your generosity,
You still deprive one confidant.
Don’t. Put the watchman to sleep one moment.

Your Love is giving me a wine
Which cannot be described
And keeps putting opium in it.
How could the drunk
Who’s been drinking this wine
Be able to show a trace from the One
Whose trace cannot be found?
How can he show a sign from Him?

Enlighten the world with Your face.
Make the eyes of fate drunk.
For one moment, take the troubles
Out of the universe’s Soul.

O One who is a hundred times
Sweeter than the Soul,
How difficult to describe You with language!
Only the sufi can do that.
Bring that sufi for one moment.

I repent.
O mind, how would the sufi find the way to Him?
Hold your tongue.
Not every bird can fly on that side.

Diwan-ı Shams Meter1/137,1762-1768