I closed my eyes and my mouth To the world’s pictures and designs.
I learned how to paint without smell or color.
His kindness, generosity and creativity Opened my eyes.
I learned dying instant by instant From the One who gives favor and compassion.

In sleep, you walk without direction.
Don’t go six directions when you’re awake.
Don’t talk about direction.
I’ve found a side beyond directions.

(Diwan-ı Shams Meter1 / 75, 945-947)

Don’t look at forms all the time.
See the graceful Soul
That earth turned into sky,
With the sparkle of the Archangel Gabriel.

Forms are like shields
In the hand of the painter.
They hide His eyes and face.
Shapes are like drapes.
The One who makes the shapes
Is behind the curtain of Azer.

(Diwan-ı Shams Meter1 / 139, 1796-1797)